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What is the competition about?

At CryptoMotors we are extremely excited to announce the launch of our first design competition. We want to take everybody on an amazing journey to create the next car in our lineup of digital vehicles. Our mission is to create a place for unlimited creativity building the most exciting cars in the digital world. To do so, we are launching a series of design competitions where we invite every designer -student or professional- to show their work through our platform.

For our first design challenge, participants will have to design a race car for a VR world. The winning design will be 3D modeled ​​by our professional Alias modelers and later on visualized, tokenized and put on sale on our platform, holding a juicy commission for the winner of the contest.

Designers, pick up your pens! The time has come to create your first CryptoMotors car. We will need all of you, our whole community because you get to vote in the end. You get to choose the final design. Make sure to stay tuned.

Design brief

Get inspired & start

The world has become a crowded place. The streets are packed and people are squeezed into state-owned transport vehicles. Having your own car is a long forgotten dream unless you have a special status in society. Racing through the streets with a feeling of freedom has become impossible. However, the sheer desire to drive and enjoy cars has not vanished. That’s why every night a selected few puts on their VR glasses to enter the world Y43, where they can escape reality, race for glory and earn money. Each player enters this world as an avatar. Like in a real street race, the exact location of the race is always confirmed just minutes before the start. Once the competition has started it’s a race against the clock before the law enforcement tries to shut down the race. The last avatar loses, and his license to play gets blocked.

For the first CryptoMotors car of GEN1 (generation one), we’ll ask you to design the exterior of a race car for an avatar based in this virtual world. You are free to explore the endless possibilities of what a virtual car could look like. The volume and therefore the layout is entirely up to you, but it should be unique. We will only ask you to keep a few guidelines in mind: The car must have four wheels, space for (at least) one driver and a possible co-driver (maximum of two passengers in total). In the virtual world, the same gravity conditions apply as in the real world. In terms of features, the car has to tackle tight corners and long straight lines going at full speed. You can choose the powertrain and you are free to integrate any possible future technologies.

We created a SCENARIO and PERSONA for you to fully dive into the environment for the car. To set the perfect vibe, we have also added a music playlist to get you inspired.

The Scenario

Where do we race?

Tossing and turning, Tris gives up on trying to fall asleep. Sure, there is work tomorrow but you only live once, right?, she thinks as she jumps out of her bed and runs towards her VR set up. In the world Y43, people recognize her for who she is. In Y43, she has earned her reputation. In Y43, she is the best racer driver. ARE YOU READY? - She was. She takes a last breath, closes her eyes and when she opens them again she is 'Serenay', her avatar.
Serenay walks out of the rooftop suite, breathing in the clean air and overlooking the city. The smooth almost mirror-like streets reflect the lights from the buildings surrounding her. Looking down the street modern architecture weaves into industrial buildings covered with graffiti.

Beep beep - a text. Right now the streets are peaceful, but not for long. In a few minutes, this city will turn into the playground of Tris and her avatar. Opponents to her left and her right, she grabs the wheel tight. 3, 2, 1 … GO!

The Persona

Get to know her

Meet Tris’s avatar: 'Serenay'. She always aims to experience the extreme in everything she does. She is addicted to speed, and always on the hunt for the next adrenaline rush. When Serenay races, she’s the last one to hit the break when going into sharp corners, risking it all just to feel the excitement of what technology can do. Technology also defines the appearance of her race suit and her fashionable clothes. Instead of human hair, Serenay has wires linking the helmet directly to her spine, generating instant feedback from the visual to her body.

The music

Feel the vibe

To set you in the perfect atmosphere of the avatar racing down the city streets, we have put together this exciting playlist of songs for you to listen to while designing the car. We believe that the perfect design can only be achieved when you really get to feel the vibe of the persona you are designing the car for. For this first design challenge the musical theme is: ‘Cyberpunk‘, This music displays synergies with Cyberpunk key topics: alternative culture, technology, industry, and dysfunctional society. Hit the link, lean back and allow yourself to drift into the universe.

How to take part

The real car design process

Our first design challenge is open to enthusiasts, freelancers, students and professionals within the design industry. The competition is divided into three stages: the ideation process, refinement stage, and 3d development. We kindly ask you to read through our design brief and detailed background information (scenario, persona, sound & vibe) in order to get started.

In the first stage (ideation process) we ask the designers to submit a minimum of 3 sketches per entry. The three sketches (2D pen/marker/digital sketches) should include: 3/4 front view, 3/4 rear view, and a side view each on a separate page. Participants can submit more than one entry, but they must be uploaded as individual entries. CryptoMotors will select the proposals that will go to the next stage based on how well the design proposal fits the brief and quality standards. The selected works will be displayed on our website. Voting will be open to anyone entering our website without the need of logging in.

In the second stage (refinement stage) we ask the participating designers from stage 1 to further develop and visualize the car in a 2D tool (e.g Photoshop). In this stage, the participants will submit a minimum of three renderings: 3/4 front view, 3/4 rear view, and a side view. After the submission has been closed, the public will have the chance to place further votes. The participant with the most votes will be the winner of the challenge.

Once first and second stage is completed, CryptoMotors’s professional modeling team will transform the design from the winner into a 3D Alias Surface Model. Together with the support of our design team, the winning designer will have the fantastic chance to develop the next car model in our lineup of ERC-721 crypto collectibles. Read further to find out more about the prizes.

Prizes & Rules

Don't leave empty handed


Will you be the lucky winner? You get the amazing opportunity of having our professional design team transforming your design into a 3D modeled car. The car will be modeled in Autodesk Alias to the highest automotive standards. In case you agree to share your Instagram account with us, we will promote your profile along with the final outcome of the competition on all our social media platforms.

The winner will receive a 10% commission of each car sold on our platform associated to the initial design idea. The CryptoMotors market smart contract will automatically send the prize in ETH (ether) to the winner’s crypto wallet (this is the reason why we urge the winner to set up a ether wallet to receive the prize). The smart contract will stop transacting the 10% commission once the last unit of the crypto-collectible lot is sold.

As a part of the prize, the winner will receive one (1) CryptoMotors ERC-721 collectible associated with his design idea.

Special mentions: Each of the top 5 participants (apart from the winner) of the design challenge who made it to the second stage will be entitled of one (1) CryptoMotors ERC-721 collectible associated to the winning design.


To be eligible for the competition and to claim your prize, you’ll have to follow these rules:

  1. The design challenge is open to students and professionals from any design industry
  2. Submit your work on time. You’ll find the exact dates on the timeline
  3. Submit your work in the right format. Aspect ratio: 16:9, image quality: 1920x1080 px, format: jpg or png
  4. For the first and second stage, you must submit a minimum of 3 views of the car. 3/4 front view, 3/4 rear view, side view.
  5. You’ll have to complete all stages to be eligible for the final voting
  6. In order to vote, users must enter to the design challenge website. They’ll have a limited amount of votes per stage.
  7. The design work must be relevant to the competition's topic and 100% original.
  8. Have fun.

For further information on our terms and conditions, please click here.

Get your car design 3D modeled, visualized, tokenized and sold on our platform. And earn 10% commission on each sale.
Get your work evaluated by professional designers and creative minds around the globe.
Get the chance to work with our design team to develop the next car model in our lineup of ERC-721 crypto collectibles.
Get your work featured on our website and social media platforms.